Accounting and consultancy

Primary accounting

  • drafting the electronic cash book and the entry and receiving notes;
  • drafting the purchase / sale books, consumer tickets, etc.

Financial and management accounting

  • chronologically recording the primary documents in the accounting articles;
  • setting out the VAT to pay / to receive; drafting and submitting the monthly / quarterly VAT settlement note to the Financial Administration;
  • drafting the ledger and the monthly trial balance;
  • setting out the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, drafting the documents for paying them;
  • drafting and submitting the statements concerning the charges and taxes owed to the state budget and local budgets;
  • drafting and submitting the balance sheet

Salary and human resource services

  • drafting and registering the employment agreements, addenda or other operations with the Territory Labor Inspectorate;
  • drafting and submitting the payrolls, setting out the obligations connected to salaries;
  • drafting and submitting the salary and tax statements;
  • drafting and registering the monthly statements with the competent bodies: Financial Administration, Health Social Insurances House, Pensions House, County Employment Agency (Unemployment), Territory Labor Inspectorate.

Tax consultancy

  • representation in the relations with the control bodies of the Ministry of Public Finance;
  • analysis of equity and long term assets;
  • calculation and permanent verification of profit tax and / or income tax for the small
  • size company;
  • consultancy under the form of tax verifications for setting out the degree to which the calculation and payment of taxes (value added tax, profit tax, tax for non
  • resident persons’ income, income tax that the company is bound to calculate, withhold and transfer) was made correctly and if the provisions of the fiscal legislation have been rigorously observed;
  • identifying and implementing the tax facilities provisioned by the legislation in force;
  • supplying at once the most recent modifications of the normative documents with fiscal character, as well as the possibilities to use such information and to adjust to the legislative modifications that occurred;
  • assistance for drafting the tax and charge statements;
  • identifying the adequate accounting and tax policies;
  • studies and analyses concerning the opportunities created by the fiscal and accounting legislation;
  • consultancy concerning the legislative regulations in force for the activities of purchasing or delivering items inside the EU (from or to EU member states), as well as for those connected to import and export;
  • consultancy concerning the manner of drafting the biannual and annual reports and certifying them.

Financial – accounting consultancy

  • current consultancy by fax, email, phone;
  • drafting the income and expense budget (including for obtaining EU funding);
  • analyzing the financial and cash flows;
  • drafting loan files, leasing files;
  • acquiring tax certificates, confirmation of company details certificates;
  • becoming involved in scoring together with the Financial Administration;
  • other reports upon the client’s request.

Accounting expertise

  • certifying the balance sheets following the verification of the balance of accounts and drafting the inventory list of the patrimony;
  • drafting the reports of accounting expertise necessary to be submitted to the Trade Registry Office (when winding up the company or in other circumstances, upon the beneficiary’s request) or to other competent institutions.

Fiscal expertise

  • performing an expertise of the manner of registering the income and expense in order to set out correctly the tax owed by the company;
  • drafting and certifying the statement concerning the profit tax;
  • drafting the tax expertise reports, upon the beneficiary’s request, in order to be submitted to the competent bodies.
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