Administrative and fiscal law

h3>Services supplied

  • legal consultancy for the public authority during the phases prior to issuing the administrative document in order to ensure its full compliance with the laws from the point of view of the procedural aspects and of those concerning the law;
  • legal assistance and representation granted to natural and legal persons before the administrative and fiscal courts of law during the first instance and second appeal phases;
  • legal assistance and representation for the fiscal litigations (challenges to the debentures and other administrative – fiscal documents, complaints of violation concerning the tax domain, etc.);
  • legal assistance and representation during the phase of enforcement of tax receivables;
  • legal consultancy, tax and financial consultancy in the relation with the Public Finance Administration and Fraud Squad;
  • legal assistance during the inspections made at the time of VAT reimbursement;
  • legal assistance during the inspections made by authorities, drafting legal opinions and objections to the inspection minutes;
  • drafting challenges to the contravention minutes;
  • drafting challenges to the taxation decisions;
  • drafting complaints to the minutes or reports of tax inspection that include fines, overdue debts, increases, delay penalties, recalculation, excise taxes, VAT, taxes withheld or not, etc.;
  • by the help of our collaborators, we provide accountancy expertise services (expert witness) during the judicial accounting expertise procedures.
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