Associations and foundations

Complete services for incorporating the associations / foundations and registering them in the Registry of Associations and Foundations:

  • prior consultancy concerning the conditions provisioned by law for incorporating the associations and foundations;
  • filling in the registration petition;
  • acquiring the proof concerning the name availability and reservation from the Ministry of Justice;
  • drafting, typing and certifying the memorandum of association of the association / foundation;
  • drafting, typing and certifying the articles of incorporation of the association / foundation;
  • drafting and typing the commodatum agreement / rental agreement;
  • paying the judicial stamp duties;
  • drafting the decision of the constitutive assembly of the association / foundation;
  • submitting and presenting the documentation in order to acquire the legal person;
  • making up, submitting the file, representation and taking the documents from the court of law.

Other services

  • permanent consultancy services concerning the legal activity of the association / foundation;
  • drafting agreements / powers of attorney necessary during the development of activity;
  • opening / closing branches;
  • appointing / revoking the president, vice
  • president, board of directors, auditors committee;
  • changing the office;
  • changing the name;
  • dissolution.
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