Legal assistance and representation before the courts of law / authorities

  • assistance and representation in the civil litigations of any type, in various lawsuit phases;
  • assistance and representation in the enforcement phase;
  • assistance and representation in non
  • administrative procedures;
  • assistance during the negotiations;
  • assistance and representation before the local public authorities (Town hall, Prefecture, etc.);
  • assistance and representation in the relations with any Romanian or foreign natural or legal persons;
  • assistance and representation before the notaries public;
  • acquiring approvals and licenses for natural and legal persons;
  • legal assistance in all procedures of recovering receivables provisioned by the legislation in force;
  • amicably solving the litigations by the mediation procedure.

Drafting / checking / negotiating the agreements

  • drafting civil agreements and addenda to the civil agreements;
  • drafting any other civil legal documents;
  • assistance in order to negotiate the contractual clauses for diminishing the risk exposure degree;
  • eliminating the less efficient and abusive contractual clauses;
  • analysis and approval of the civil contracts received for verification purposes as regards their legality;
  • assistance for solving the litigations concerning the violation of contractual clauses and not observing the agreements, contract fraud, etc.
  • legal assistance and representation in litigations concerning the breaching of contractual rights and / or obligations.

Inheritance procedures

  • current consultancy concerning the inheritance law domain;
  • assistance and representation during the judicial, notary and testament and will partition of assets;
  • assistance for beginning the notary inheritance procedure;
  • drafting declarations of accepting / waiving the inheritances;
  • assistance in order to acquire the inheritor certificate;
  • drafting and presenting the petition for claiming an asset from the inheritance table;
  • drafting and presenting the petition for severance of the joint tenancy before the court of law;
  • drafting and supporting a petition for annulling the inheritor certificate / testament and will;
  • assistance during the procedure of continuing the activity of the company with the legal inheritors of the deceased shareholder.

Other services

  • drafting powers of attorney / statements of any type and assistance before the notary public in order to sign them;
  • complete due diligence services: consultancy for assessing the chances of success and adopting the best solution;
  • counseling and representation in petitions for claiming houses and lands – nationalized real estate, notices;
  • litigations between the landlords and the tenants; procedure of evicting the tenants
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