5 March 2020

As regards the construction sector, given the ongoing growth of people’s desire to build or buy their own house and the limited ground we have to build, we want to bring to your attention the notion of SUPERFICIES.

The right of superficies consists in the ownership you can acquire on the construction, plantations or work performed on land belonging to another person, free of charge or in return for remuneration. Please note that you will not acquire a property right over the land, but only a right of use over it.

As an example, company X wants to build a residential complex, but does not have sufficient ground to build the building in the desired area, being an area targeted by the buyers. In these circumstances, company X can negotiate with Y, the owner of the neighboring land to extend the construction to its land in return for remuneration. There is the possibility that company X will become the owner of that land if Y will want to sell it at a certain time.

For more information about the right of SUPERFICIES, we are at your disposal.