We bring to your attention the notion of TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE

15 November 2019

THE TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE is the person who enters into a temporary work contract with a temporary work agent (which is the equivalent of the employer) in order to be subsequently made available to another person, named user.

In contrast to the regular employee, the TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE does not work directly under the responsibility of his employer, but under the responsibility of a third party, the user. The user has the right to supervise and manage the activity of the temporary employee, even if no contract has been concluded between him and the TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE.

For example, A (the temporary employee) concludes with B (the temporary work agent) a temporary work contract. B concludes, in turn with C (the user) a contract by which A is made available to C. In this case, if B is a cleaning company and C is a construction company, B makes A (the temporary employee) available to C(the user), who will work in the construction field and there will be no differences in treatment between temporary employees and other employees of user C, A benefiting from all the services and facilities provided by the user to his own employees.

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